What is Snapchilled Iced Coffee?

Snapchilled coffee in a glass

In the hotter months of the year, many turn to iced coffee, cold brew, or iced espresso drinks to get their caffeine fix and recover from the heat of the day. Cold coffee enthusiasts are always looking for the next new way to make the most of cold coffee, like Kyoto cold brewing towers or…

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Anti-Counterfeit Packaging for Coffee

Unbranded coffee packaging

Though fraud may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of coffee, it is one of the most popular food goods in the world. As a result, packaging in coffee has found itself a hot topic among farmers, roasters, and distributors. As with many other specialty goods such as oils,…

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Coffee Milk Alternatives Are on the Rise

An Almond milk Latte

Historically, coffee has been a drink that is typically drunk black or mixed with a dairy option. From half and half to milk, with some even adding butter, there are many ways America has gotten used to including dairy into their coffee diet. In recent years, however, that trend seems to be changing as people…

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Drinking Coffee with Natural Sweeteners

A honey dipper in a jar

With a reputation as a punchy, bitter, and acidic beverage, coffee has a large culture of personalization through the use of added flavors, sweeteners, and milks. Modern second-wave and third-wave coffee are commonly served with unique flavored syrups, crafted to brew easily drinkable and luscious beverages. Some coffee drinkers, however, want more natural sweetness in…

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Why is Specialty Roasted Coffee the Best?

Latte art being poured.

Specialty roasted coffee, or third-wave coffee, has had a quick growth in recent decades. Cafes are becoming commonplace in cities around the world, and special brewing techniques from unique coffee regions are discovered every day. With such a strong culture around it, why is specialty roasted coffee the best, and why should you start drinking…

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6 Benefits of Cold-Brewed Coffee

A glass of cold brew on a workstation.

Cold-brew coffee has become an incredibly popular beverage, with many people touting the coffee beverage’s many benefits through antioxidants, caffeine, or a plain mood booster. Chocolatey and smooth, cold-brew brings a strong hit of caffeine with low acid to coffee enjoyers everywhere. With this drink being so popular among so many people, what other benefits…

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Winter Cold Foam Coffee Recipes

An iced coffee with cold foam.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a delicious cold foam coffee drink! With so many seasonal flavors in the winter, it’s easy to make a delicious and seasonal beverage that you’ll be wanting to drink all year round! What You’ll Need These recipes will all require the following base ingredients and…

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5 Advantages of Drinking Proffee

Protein coffee display

Protein Coffee, or “Proffee,” is a new trend in coffee that can help you get energized and help you prepare for your day, all in one drink! Proffee is a combination of protein powder, coffee, and a few other mix-ins, which provides many health and lifestyle benefits, while also being a delicious drink! Typically made…

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The Best Looking Food-Topped Lattes

Smores next to a latte

Whether you’re posting to social media or just sharing with friends, serving a food-topped latte is an excellent way to bring a festive element to your coffee beverage. Cinnamon and cocoa powder have always been mainstay toppings for foamy lattes, but donuts and marshmallows are the new craze to add some visual flair to a…

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What is Third-Wave Specialty Coffee?

Several coffees being clinked together.

The evolution of coffee culture and trends has significantly picked up in recent decades. Despite coffee’s presence in the world since as early as the 15th century, the coffee we drink today is vastly different from how coffee was consumed in the past. With such a variety of cultures and terminologies evolving with the new…

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