6 Benefits of Cold-Brewed Coffee

Cold-brew coffee has become an incredibly popular beverage, with many people touting the coffee beverage’s many benefits through antioxidants, caffeine, or a plain mood booster. Chocolatey and smooth, cold-brew brings a strong hit of caffeine with low acid to coffee enjoyers everywhere. With this drink being so popular among so many people, what other benefits come from being a regular cold brew drinker?

A glass of cold brew on a workstation.

1. Boosts Focus

It’s no secret that caffeine wakes you up and energizes you. With the increased amount of caffeine present in cold-brewed coffee, there is an even stronger benefit from the caffeine, giving you more energy than a similarly sized drip coffee or iced coffee could provide. With the brew time of cold brew taking anywhere from 12-20 hours (We like to typically do 16-24 hours), significantly longer than a hot brew, much more caffeine is extracted from the coffee bean, enabling a stronger concentration of caffeine in the cold brew. 

2. Provides Antioxidants

Antioxidants are present in a variety of food and drinks, such as tea and wine, but the concentration of antioxidants in cold-brew coffee is an especially powerful benefit as well! Antioxidants aid the body in maintaining healthy levels of “free radicals,” a chemical in the body that helps to fight off pathogens. High concentrations of free radicals can cause cellular damage, increasing the risk of cancers and other health issues. The antioxidants present in coffee balance these free radicals, in turn reducing your body’s risks for some cancers and other conditions.

3. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

The antioxidants mentioned earlier aren’t the only part of cold-brew coffee that provides a benefit to you. Coffee also contains a variety of essential minerals and compounds, such as magnesium, trigonelline, quinides, lignans, and phenolic compounds, all of which work together to reduce your risk of various heart diseases like heart attack, strokes, and coronary artery disease. Studies have shown that regular coffee drinkers have higher concentrations of all of these compounds, helping to stabilize blood sugar and reduce blood pressure, reducing vascular health risks overall.

A growler of cold brew with cream.

4. Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

In addition to its other myriad health benefits, cold-brew coffee also helps to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. As the natural minerals and compounds found in cold brew coffee increase your heart health, they also stabilize blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity in the body, assisting your systems to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In fact, a 2009 study found that regular coffee drinkers (those who consumed at least three cups of coffee a day) were 42% less likely to have type 2 diabetes. The participants had their study maintained for the next decade, confirming the results, as well as noting factors such as magnesium and blood pressure for accurate results.

5. Eases Coffee-Related Stomach Problems

For those with stomach problems related to acidity, such as IBS or acid reflux, cold-brew can be a good choice to continue drinking coffee and benefit from a caffeine buzz. The brewing method of cold brew necessarily reduces the amount of oils extracted, resulting in a less acidic beverage that has a lower chance to trigger acid-related stomach upsets.

6. Can Boost Athletic Performance

As a stimulant, cold-brew coffee can certainly benefit physical performance. In a 2013 study of cyclists and triathletes, it was found that caffeine and coffee enhance athlete performance rates, through extra energy, mental focus, and overall vascular health. Even athletes can safely enjoy coffee, and may even see returns from doing so!

A glass of cold brew.

An Excellent Addition to Your Routine

These benefits are only a sampling of many cold brew coffee can provide. Explore the world of cold brew coffee, and consider trying nitro cold brew or protein cold brew for interesting remixes that may have their own unique health benefits too! Enjoy, and we suggest using our DNA Blend, RNA Blend, or Colombia Heriberto for cold brew.