5 Advantages of Drinking Proffee

Protein Coffee, or “Proffee,” is a new trend in coffee that can help you get energized and help you prepare for your day, all in one drink! Proffee is a combination of protein powder, coffee, and a few other mix-ins, which provides many health and lifestyle benefits, while also being a delicious drink! Typically made as an iced latte, this drink is easily customizable to any palate, and can even be altered to suit iced coffee or cold brew drinkers, as well!

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Proffee Recipe

Proffee is an incredibly simple drink to make, only requiring a few ingredients:

  • Protein Powder
  • Coffee
  • Milk (Or Non-Dairy Alternative)
  • Vanilla Syrup

There are a large variety of options for all of these ingredients, allowing you to customize your drink to your liking.

Protein Powder

There are dozens of protein powders on the market, each providing your body with a distinct combination of nutrients, fiber, and protein to help you prepare for a workout or fuel your body as a snack. It is suggested to get a protein powder that is chocolate or vanilla flavored for this recipe.


Any coffee is suitable for this beverage. The only thing that matters is your brewing method! Espresso is ideal, due to its high concentration of coffee flavor and caffeine. If espresso is inaccessible to you, you could use a Moka Pot to brew an espresso alternative, or cold brew concentrate to mimic the concentrated, strong flavor of espresso. A coffee blend like our DNA Blend or RNA Blend would be ideal.  Or even the single origin Colombia Heriberto.


There are a variety of milks that are well suited to this Proffee recipe. Dairy milk will give you an extra dash of protein, while oat or almond milk are great non-dairy options that will mix well with the flavors of coffee. Use whichever milk you have on hand!


To make this Proffee recipe, simply combine all of the ingredients in a cup or shaker and mix! All of these ingredients are easy to dissolve, so your drink should be together in 5 minutes or less. You could even batch it ahead of time, making an easily prepared drink for people on the go.

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Advantages of Drinking Proffee

Coffee and protein are two things that already have marked benefits for your health and lifestyle. Together, they become much more:

1. Improved Energy and Focus

Caffeine will keep you energized and focused throughout your day. Drinking Proffee before a workout or busy day can help keep your energy levels up by providing your body with caffeine and essential macronutrients, sustaining energy levels in the morning and afternoon.

2. Weight Loss Aid

While Proffee on its own won’t cause weight loss, drinking Proffee can help maintain a lifestyle that does! Intaking caffeine and protein helps your body burn off excess fat throughout the day, aiding weight loss efforts.

3. Reduced Risk of Heart Diseases

Antioxidants, such as those found in tea and wine, are also found in coffee. Studies show that these antioxidants are an essential part of maintaining cardiovascular health, leading to decreased risks of heart attack and stroke.

4. Supports Lean Muscle Growth

The high protein content of Proffee is an excellent nutrient to help promote lean muscle growth from workouts. Combined with the extra energy from the caffeine, Proffee can help achieve increased returns on high-intensity workouts and weightlifting, which will, in turn, aid growth in lean mass.

5. Sustains Appetite

While you certainly shouldn’t use Proffee as a meal replacement, it is a good beverage to have between meals. The caffeine and added protein help you feel fuller for longer, reducing cravings and sustaining your appetite throughout the day.

Upgrade Your Routine

With such a simple recipe, Proffee is an easy addition to your day-to-day routine. Drink proffee as your morning coffee, or an afternoon snack to achieve great health benefits and keep yourself energized with every step you take!