Sidra Natural Process Coffee


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Featuring flavors of passion fruit and vanilla, this natural processed coffee from Finca el Diviso is a striking coffee, sure to excite your senses. Located in the south region of Huila, Finca el Diviso was founded by Jose Uribe Lasso as a way of discovering and developing new and unique methods to improve the quality of Colombian coffee. The Lasso family performs rigorous experiments with processing and fermentation with different microorganisms to achieve unique, traceable cup profiles with recognition around the world. With an altitude of 1,750 M, the Lasso family is able to use the lands of Pitalito and Huila to produce and cultivate a collection of unique varietals of coffee, including Pink and Yellow Bourbon, Sidra, Geisha, and Tabi varietals.

Sidra, also sometimes called Sydra or Bourbon Sydra, is a rare Arabica varietal that shares the spotlight with other exotic varietals like Geisha and Sudan Rume. Sidra’s origins have been more difficult to document, however, making its genetics difficult to codify. Many coffee experts agree, however, that the sweet notes in the cup are comparable to many Ethiopian coffees as well.

This coffee comes from one of Colombia’s largest specialty coffee-producing departments, and the quality is high to match. With a distinctly delicate profile, this coffee features bright acidic notes, a clear acidity, a strong, fragrant aroma, and a clean body that makes tasting this coffee an excellent experience. This coffee shines particularly strongly with rich, bright flavors of passion fruit, vanilla, and blueberry, and would be an excellent pairing with milk or pastries. While this coffee shines brightest with a pour-over to accentuate its floral notes, it will make an excellent, modern-tasting espresso as well.


Region Bruselas – Pitalito, Huila

Altitude 1750 M


Finca El Diviso, Lasso Family, Lohas Beans


Bourbon Sidra




October – January

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