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A light-medium roast single-origin Colombian coffee, these beans are an excellent way to start your day. Notes of clementine bring a delightful brightness to this coffee, with sweet honey and chocolate to create a deliciously balanced and easy-to-dial-in coffee. While ideal for pour overs, the fruity and sweet notes of this coffee are sure to make it a standout roast, even in cold brew or espresso applications. The Colombia Nariño single-origin is a washed-process coffee, accentuating the sugary, fruit-forward notes of the bean and creating a delightfully nuanced and clean flavor profile. Fans of the Colombia Nariño will also like our DNA Blend, which features these coffee beans alongside our Ethiopia Guji Mormora.

Producer: Nariño Producers

Varietal: Caturra & Castillo

Processing: Washed Process

Altitude: 1600m

Additional information

This delicious coffee comes from a group of farmers from Nariño! These farmers, hailing from the charming regions of Sandona and Chachauy, joined forces to create something truly special. They start with a simple 24-hour fermentation process that each farmer carries out on their own turf. This is followed by a thorough wash to eliminate any residue. Next, on the drying patio, the beans bask in the sun, forging a consistent profile through mingling and exchanging flavors. This communal drying session ensures a consistent and top-notch profile for each batch. They then let those beans chill in grain pro bags for 125 days before milling.


12 oz, 5 lbs

Ground Option

Whole Beans, Ground Beans


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