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Liliana Caballero Rojas and her family acquired Hacienda Casablanca in the Santander department of Colombia in 2006. Initially known as Villa Josefa, then called Hacienda La Leona, the farm that produces this Gesha coffee from Santander finally came to be known as Hacienda Casablanca. This coffee offers sweet notes of creme brulee and strawberry soda, with a finishing tartness of blueberry flavor. The bright, fruity flavors make this coffee ideal for pour overs.

Liliana, a native of Santander and born to parents who worked in agriculture, grew up to dedicate herself to cultivating coffee to provide a better life for her family and for the people who work year-round and seasonally on the Hacienda Casablanca coffee farm in the Santander department. With a background as an administrative and financial professional, she envisioned adding value to her coffee fields by renovating older productions, planting new varieties, and improving processing and drying techniques. Winning first place in the National Yara Champion Program in 2016 motivated her to continue striving for excellence, which shows year over year in her crops.

The property initially extended across 150 hectares of the Santander department of Colombia, traditionally a coffee-growing area since the estate’s inception. The original estate, now subdivided into a 20-hectare zone, still includes “Hacienda” in the name as a nod to the farm’s history, including the main house and its original architecture from the mid nineteenth century.

This lot of Gesha coffee has been naturally processed, fermenting for 150 hours in sealed tanks before being dried. The fermented cherries then dry in a silo until the humidity reaches a total of 11%, varying from silo- to facility- to sun-drying.


Region Santander

Altitude 1550 M


Liliana Caballero Rojas






October – January

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12 oz, 5 lbs

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Whole Beans, Ground Beans


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