Colombia Cauca Decaf
Sugarcane Process Coffee


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Valle del Cauca is located in a biological conservation corridor, lying in between Tatama and Serrania de los Paraguas, a mountain range in the Andes Mountains of Colombia. This region was defined as one of two prominent Colombian conservation corridors by Conservation International, striving to encourage the preservation of natural resources, healthy water management, and ecologically-balanced farming practices. Valle del Cauca dedicates its coffee production practices to this cause, creating a phenomenal decaf Colombian coffee that holds flavors of caramel and lemon, offering a zippy and syrupy coffee that is served well by the high growing altitudes, concentrating and strengthening the notes in the coffee. Perfect for any decaf coffee application, try Colombia Cauca Decaf in espresso or filter brew and see what this unique coffee has to offer!

Our Valle del Cauca coffee was decaffeinated in Colombia using a Colombian-developed decaffeinated process called Sugarcane processing. A sugarcane-distilled molasses is fermented into ethyl acetate, an alcohol commonly found in wine, beer, and vegetables. This ethyl acetate enables producers to separate the caffeine chemical from the coffee in its green stage while still maintaining the natural flavors of the coffee bean. After a wash, the sugarcane process is able to remove about 97% of the caffeine content of the coffee, leaving behind a slightly sweet, sugary flavor. Using sugarcane processing in this way allows for the cleanest possible taste for a decaf bean, while also using natural and local components to do the job.

While this coffee can be brewed in any method, it shines particularly well in espresso or batch drip applications. With a full body and bright flavors of citrus, it will balance well with milk for lattes or cream and sugar with cappuccinos. While very little flavor is transferred from the decaffeinating process, the bean is left with a balanced and light sweetness that will leave any coffee lover smiling.


Region Valle del Cauca

Altitude 1750


Various Smallholders averaging 3 hectares


Castillo, Caturra


Sugarcane Decaf


September – December

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12 oz, 5 lbs

Ground Option

Whole Beans, Ground Beans


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Sugarcane Process Coffee”