Santa Clara Natural Process


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The Guatemalan Santa Clara Natural Process coffee beans represent a long-standing history of coffee production in Guatemala. Family-grown for several generations, this origin was produced in medium-sized lots at Finca Santa Clara Farm in the high elevations of Antigua, Guatemala. With notes of brown sugar and lychee, this single-origin coffee sets itself apart with a sweet, fruity flavor that is bright and punchy, perfect for an iced coffee or filter brew. Easy to dial and full of flavor, The natural processing of this coffee accentuates the juicy lychee and pear notes naturally found in the coffee, while the residual sugars from the process make their mark in a delightfully syrupy body and texture that will turn this origin into a coffee cabinet mainstay. Consider pairing this coffee with tart fruit, chocolate, or oat milk to bring out the best notes these nuanced Guatemalan coffee beans have to offer.

Finca Santa Clara began in the 1960’s, with a family objective of growing phenomenal Guatemalan coffee beans. To this day, that objective has solidified itself in an invaluable family heritage, with the current third generation offering the basis of support for producing high-quality coffee grown at high elevations. Throughout the decades, the family has lived through complicated moments, ultimately uniting them from what they overcame, and finding the need to find new approaches to how they market their coffee. For this reason, they are once again filled with courage, knowing that what they produce will again be inherited by the following generations. Always carrying the enthusiasm that their father has taught them, the family continues to preserve what they had since childhood, still passionate about the coffee they produce.


Region Jalapa

Altitude 1900m


Oscar Lemus Reynoso


Yellow Maragogype




December — April

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12 oz, 5 lbs

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Whole Beans, Ground Beans


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