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A light-medium roast single-origin Colombian coffee, these beans are an excellent way to start your day. Notes of apple and pear bring a delightful brightness to this coffee, with sweet honey and chocolate to create a deliciously balanced and easy-to-dial-in coffee. While ideal for pour overs, the fruity and sweet notes of this coffee are sure to make it a standout roast, even in cold brew or espresso applications. The Colombia Heriberto single-origin is a washed-process coffee, accentuating the sugary, fruit-forward notes of the bean and creating a delightfully nuanced and clean flavor profile. Fans of the Colombia Heriberto will also like our DNA Blend, which features these coffee beans alongside our Ethiopia Guji Allona.

Producer: La Bagatela Farm – Maya Family

Varietal: Castillo

Processing: Washed Process

Altitude: 1600-1750 m.

Additional information

Grown by the Maya Family at La Bagatela Farm in Salgar, Colombia, this coffee is the result of five generations of coffee production. Each coffee lot on the farm is named after a member of her family and maintained at altitudes of 1,600 to 1,750 meters high. The Colombia Heriberto is a Castillo varietal coffee, making it much more resistant to leaf rust and coffee berry disease. It undergoes a traditional washing process, with 16 hours of parchment fermentation, after which it is silo dried with controlled airflow. The high altitudes and wash process serve to highlight the fruity apple and pear flavors present in this coffee, notes that have only gotten stronger over the generations of coffee production at La Bagatela Farm. The history of production, high altitudes, and carefully controlled fermentation and drying process make the Colombia Heriberto a historic coffee bean, strongly representative of the high quality and carefully crafted coffees produced in Colombia.


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