Four Uses for Your Coffee Beans

Coffee beans and a latte on display.

Early in the morning, there are few things that get the job done, like a hot cup of coffee. Many coffee enthusiasts even collect a variety of unique beans to change their brew day to day or to best complement the particular brewing method they are using. Some enthusiasts, however, like to find different uses…

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7 Reasons Coffee is Good for Your Health

Man holding a latte

Waking up in the morning, nothing gives the energy and clarity needed to start a day like coffee. Humans have been drinking this energizing beverage for centuries finding new ways to brew, bake, or otherwise incorporate it into their cuisines. As such a ubiquitous drink, it should come as no surprise that coffee is actually…

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The Value of QR Codes for Coffee Businesses

A coffee bag with a QR code on it.

QR Codes have become a valuable staple in the modern tech world. What used to be stored behind a URL or on a flash drive can now be hosted online, enabling growth in the accessibility and sharing of information. Even further, the information and content held within QR codes can be wielded by coffee businesses…

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Why Larger Coffee Drink Sizes are Trending

Iced coffee with milk in a glass.

It’s an incredibly common sight around American cities – Large plastic or paper cups filled with a delicious brown drink that helps most people get through their day-to-day. When looking at other cultures around the world, though, you don’t see the same phenomenon. Even Italy, one of the birthplaces of coffee culture, rarely drinks coffee…

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Why is Kombucha Tea so Popular?

Two glasses of citrus Kombucha

Bubbly, slightly sour, and full of healthy probiotics, you’ve likely heard a lot about kombucha recently. It seems to have blown up from almost nowhere, finding its way into health food stores, grocery stores, and even gas station fridges. With such ubiquitous access to this fizzy drink, it’s only fair to ask why kombucha is…

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What is Sustainable Packaging?

Cardboard and Bubble Wrap Packing

Many companies around the world are striving to keep more sustainable and eco-friendly practices in their day-to-day operations. One way to do so is to follow current trends and work with sustainable packaging, a solution that benefits the earth and ensures businesses maintain healthy practices with their packaging. With so many packaging options out there,…

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Which Type of Specialty Coffee is Best?

A Coffee cherry drying bed

With so many types of specialty coffee on the market now, it can be difficult to determine what is worth getting. Roast dates, processes, regional origin, and even the genes of the mother plant can all change the notes of the coffee you choose — So what’s most important? Determine the Brewing Method When buying…

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