Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Lightwave Coffee?

Lightwave Coffee is a specialty/third-wave coffee roaster based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Joy Park as Elabrew Coffee, we have been pushing the envelope on what makes our coffee great for nearly a decade! Learn more about our story!

What is Specialty or Third-Wave Coffee?

Specialty Coffee (sometimes called “third-wave” coffee) is independently roasted, high-quality coffee created with the intention of getting the most out of expertly grown coffee beans. Third-wave specialty coffee is part of a long legacy of coffee production, which you can learn more about here!

What is a Roast Profile?

The roast profile of a coffee describes how “dark” or “light” the coffee was roasted. This roast profile is a metric to help coffee consumers choose which coffee best fits their taste, and can also inform caffeine content and potential notes present in the coffee too! There’s a lot that goes into defining a roast profile, so look more into it here!

How should I store my coffee?

Coffee begins to lose quality and goes stale as soon as it is ground. For best results, store coffee in coffee bags with a degassing valve or in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. When stored in this way, coffee will be at peak freshness for about one month before it starts to go stale.

Does Lightwave Coffee sell ground beans?

Yes! All of our coffees are sold either whole-bean or ground, depending on your need! We also offer 12 oz. and 5 lb. bags of coffee for a variety of use cases.

Does Lightwave Coffee sell Wholesale?

We love our wholesale partners, and work alongside them to distribute the best quality coffee we can! Perfect for distribution, company gifts, or commerce, we encourage potential wholesale partners to learn more about our free coffee samples and bulk ordering!