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The DNA blend consists of two coffees from Colombia and Ethiopia. The Colombia component brings home the sweetness with dark chocolate and date notes, while the Ethiopia component highlights the subtle apple and fruity notes. This blend has a great velvety body and balance without the bitterness. DNA works great for house drip coffee, espresso and cold brew.

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12 oz, 5 lbs

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2 reviews for DNA

  1. Lucy Bruckner

    This is not an exaggeration: the DNA blend from Lightwave is the greatest flavored espresso bean I have ever had the delight of consuming. It’s so good, that when I order an iced cortado or latte from ANY PLACE that does not have this bean, I am immediately depressed and want to drive back home as soon as possible to make my own drink. I first came into contact with the DNA blend at an incredible coffee shop in Koreatown called SPL (You gotta go if you haven’t yet. Best croissants/bagels I’ve ever had and best coffee/tea drinks. I order the Gibraltar there and it’s *chef’s kiss) I recently moved to a different part of Los Angeles, so now I will be ordering from Lightwave directly to get the best bean there is. It is smooth, creamy, and anytime I pull my own shot – not bitter or acidic at all – just the perfect balance. When I travel out of town, I actually bring the beans with me because nothing else compares. It’s wild. I have been trying out different coffee shops and beans all around LA and DNA still takes the cake. Thank you, Lightwave for producing such wonderful products – but especially the DNA.

    • Lightwave Coffee

      Thank you Lucy for the kind words and ordering from us!

  2. Andrew Fiedler (verified owner)

    I didn’t even know I wanted this until they sent me a bag of it with another order. Best thing that ever happened.

    This is one of those coffees I couldn’t stop thinking about after I ran out. The honey flavor was like nothing I’d tasted in any other coffee until then.

    The memory of it wouldn’t stop nagging me, so I eventually reordered 🙂

    • Lightwave Coffee

      I am glad you enjoyed the DNA! Thanks for ordering again Andrew!

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